Don't Risk a Creosote-Caused Fire in Your Home

Purchase our effective chimney cleaning product

Enjoy Your Wood-Burning Fireplace

Keep it clean with Mid-Maine Chimney Sweep

There's nothing quite like a real, wood-burning fire on a cold, winter day. However, a dirty chimney can prevent you from using your fireplace. That's why the product Mid-Maine Chimney Sweep was created. With our product, you can turn chimney cleaning into a simple DIY project.

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Safer Fires

Get rid of dangerous creosote with two weekly uses.

Keep Your Fireplace Clean

Turn chimney cleaning into a simple DIY project

Lower Home Maintenance

Spend less time and money cleaning your chimney.

Our product provides so many benefits

The more often you use your wood-burning fireplace, the more a chemical called creosote will build up in your chimney. The more of this chemical that builds up, the less safe it is to have a fire. Our product will make your fireplace:



Easier to maintain

Don't risk burning a fire with a dirty chimney. Simply place our product on your fire twice a week to keep your chimney clean.

Such a simple way to keep your fires burning safely

Our local company has been making Mid-Maine Chimney Sweep since 1996. We're proud to make and sell our product in the Abbot, ME area. You can also order Mid-Maine Chimney Sweep online through our website. This is the only location where you can get our large, 10LB container.

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